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We're reaching villages--the places forgotten by society and overlooked by many ministries

Reaching villages is strategic because the people there often are more spiritually open and receptive to the gospel, making it easier to win them to Christ. Villagers who do find a way to leave for the cities take their values with them and influence those cities for Christ. Thus if we can reach them in the rural areas they can become ambassadors for Christ wherever they go.

We also can alleviate some of the social, economical and environmental strain placed on the cities by making the smaller communities places where people want to settle and make a living. These communities often do not have access to government or non-governmental organization (NGO) resources such as healthcare or clean water.

Finally, village adoption is one of the most strategic ways that churches, businesses and even families can significantly impact in a nation.

At MaxPoint, our primary purpose is the transformation of the world's villages into Christ-centered, self-sustaining communities

Our Approach...

1. Create Partnerships

2. Establish a Church

3. Organize Village Development Groups

We Provide…

Holistic services such as church planting, discipleship development, medical care, community education, leadership mentoring, sustainable gardening, and training in community farming, business and micro-lending.

We Seek…

Accountability--Our team of national staff members provide “on the ground” leadership and oversight for these projects.

Sustainability--The goal of these projects is to see communities become self-sustaining and no longer in need of outside financial assistance.

Transferability--This model is working effectively now in several communities. As communities progress they are challenged to reach out to other villages to help start the transformation process there.

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Go on a mission trip with MaxPoint. Our typical trip lasts 12 days and includes opportunities for evangelism, discipleship and leadership training.

Adopt a village. For just $40 a month you can have a "share" in a village and help transform it, or for $12,000/year your family, church, or business can fully adopt a village to transform it into a Christ-centered, self-sustaining community.

Support the work of MaxPoint and our missionaries through your prayers and donations. Partner with us as we seek to help people around the world realize their full potential in Christ.

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