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Dr. Frank Banfill
Executive Coaching

Leadership is moving yourself and your team forward towards the realization of a shared vision. Great leaders never settle for mediocrity--and that starts with themselves. Dr. Frank Banfill works with leaders to help them asses areas of need, develop growth plans, and experience break-through in both their thinking and actions.

Based on the leader's desires and personality, Dr. Banfill can implement a coaching process that best helps him or her grow their leadership abilities and effectiveness. One of the tools that Dr. Banfill uses is a process he created that incorporates 75 years of the best leadership research into a plan that prioritizes the leadership needs of the organization.

In other words, Dr. Banfill focuses on helping the leader grow in the areas that will have an immediate impact on the success of their organization.

The process starts with a 360 degree leader assessment of what Dr. Banfill calls Effective Leadership Points (ELPs). He discovers which ELPs are most needed for the leader's organization and current situation, then works with them to create a development plan. Dr. Banfill then walks with the leader over the next few months to implement and evaluate that plan.

Ready to take your leadership to new heights? Contact Dr. Banfill today and find out how he can help you and your organization realize your full potential.

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