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Dr. Frank Banfill
About Dr. Frank Banfill...
Experience Highlights
  • Entertainment Company Executive Director
    Frank provided organizational and operational leadership to Michael Jr. Productions, a fast-growing entertainment company that positively impacts corporations, universities, and some of the largest churches in the U.S. Frank managed the Entertainer to maximize his creativity and effectiviness, while also designing and developing a solid business organization around him. In this role, Frank recruited, managed and developed new staff, oversaw new product development and delivery, and created systems to improve organizational efficiencies and impact. Frank led a team that each year produced more than 100 live events. In addition, the company's social media videos and DVDs have been seen by millions more. Frank also wrote curriculum for small-group studies and oversaw the development of PunchlinersTM, a web-based platform that encourages community service.

  • Global Ministry Founder & President
  • Frank leads an organization that is transforming impoverished villages into Christ-centered, self-sustaining communities
  • Mobilization Director
    Led a team that facilitated the mobilization of 9,000 global volunteers each year
  • Church & Organizational Consultant, Trainer and Keynote Speaker
    Works with churches and organizations across the U.S., trained Navy officers, and keynote speaks for major Christian organizations
  • Senior Pastor
    Attendance doubled during tenure, reversing a decade-long plateau
  • Business Entrepreneur
    Starting with a $100 personal investment, Frank and his wife co-founded a business that grew to $6 Million in annual sales and serviced thousands of clients all over the world
  • Global Leadership Developer and Church Planter
    Trained leaders on six continents, traveled to 29 countries, and helped plant dozens of churches in eight nations
  • Communicator
    Authored a book, wrote hundreds of devotions & Bible studies, managed social media, developed websites, freelanced articles, and conducted numerous national and international media interviews including Moody Broadcasting Network, Salem Radio News, USA Radio Network and American Family Radio.
  • College Co-Founder
    Helped establish East Africa Christian College. Led fundraising, course development, and organizational design.


Education Highlights
  • Ph.D. in Global Leadership with a concentration in Organizational Management, Indiana Institute of Technology
  • Master of Arts in Religion, Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries with a minor in Business Administration, Liberty University
  • Certificate in Strategic Organizational Leadership, Villanova University
  • Transitional Pastor, Lifeway
  • Leadership Institute, Bobb Biehl Masterplanning Group
  • Developing a Great Commission Church, Global Focus
  • Church Consultant Training, Church Central/Society for Church Consulting
  • Together We Build, State Convention of Baptists in Ohio

Skills & Expertise

Leadership development; organizational design and development; executive coaching; non-profit start-up & management; entrepreneurship; research--especially qualitative research; cross-cultural training, development & ministry; church administration, leadership & growth; public speaking; strategic planning; travel planning & management; missions; organizational leadership & communication; team building & leadership; evangelism, discipleship & Christian growth; fund raising; budgeting, bookkeeping & finance; teaching, preaching & group facilitation; pastoral care and personal development

Academic Presentations/Publications

  • 2016 PhD Immersion, Indiana Institute of Technology, Ft. Wayne, IN
  • 2015 Multiple Case Studies in Effective Africa Leadership: A Study of the Leadership Behaviors of Effective Pastors in the Arica Inland Church Tanzania Mara and Ukerewe Dioces
  • 2014 Association of Leadership Educators annual conference, San Antonio, TX
  • 2012 International Leadership Association global conference, Denver, Colorado

Organizational Board Service

  • East Africa Christian College
  • MaxPoint Missions
  • Alliance for Saturation Church Planting (Past)
  • State Convention of Baptists in Ohio (Past)

Professional Memberships

  • International Leadership Association
  • Association of Leadership Educators
  • Endorsed Ministry Guide
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