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Dr. Frank Banfill

Helping acorns turn into oak trees.

If you run an organization, then you know that your organization has many moving parts. Sometimes those parts move together seamlessly and the organization gets into a great rhythm of effectiveness. Often, however, some of those parts are out of place or don't quite flow like they should. The organization is moving but maybe not as effectively and efficiently as it could. 

In other words, the organization isn't realizing its full potential. It's an acorn when it could be an oak tree.

For 30 years, Dr. Frank Banfill has been helping leaders and their organizations be more effective. His goal is to help these leaders see in themselves and their organizations missing elements that could lead to significant improvements. Using his expertise in organizational management, Dr. Banfill can identify improvements to processes, systems, and organizational designs that help leaders take their businesses and ministries to new levels.

If your organization needs help putting it's pieces together, or you would like an organizational "check-up" to ensure things are moving as well as possible, please contact Dr. Banfill today.


  • Nonprofit management consulting
  • Small business consulting
  • Senior leadership coaching
  • Organizational design and development
  • Starting new organizations
  • Research study design and implementation for businesses and nonprofits
  • Content development for leadership training, Bible studies, and so forth

Dr. Banfill is based in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex and is available to travel to your location or connect via phone/Skype/Zoom.

"Frank put together a great team, created processes and procedures, and led us in strategic planning that enabled our company to go to a better level."

--Michael Jr., comedian/actor and president at Michael Jr. Productions, Inc.

"Frank is a strong leader and developer of people. He is a strategic thinker who knows how to build a team and empower them."

--Brian Rhodes, Vice President & Chief Ministry Officer,
Awana Clubs International

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