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East Africa Christian College (EACC) exists to train world-class Christian leaders.

We help develop men and women into effective leaders who can make a positive difference in their churches, communities and countries.

EACC seeks to prepare the leader’s heart—who the leader is on the inside, how the leader understands and relates to God, and how the leader can walk in integrity—as well as the leader’s hands, which are the practical expressions of ministry and leadership. 

EACC is based in Tarime, Tanzania (Mara Region) near the Tanzania-Kenya boarder. Classes are held in Tarime but in the future we plan to offer classes at other locations. 

Course Format

Courses are one week long (five full days) of in-class instruction plus readings, homework assignments, and practical activities that take place outside of class. Some courses will have pre-class work that the student is expected to complete prior to the first day of class. Some will have work to be done during evenings of the instruction week, and some will have post-class work that will need to be completed before a final grade is received. Students are expected to complete the course over a 60-day period.

Courses are taught by academically qualified teachers who also have extensive practical experience. These include visiting professors from the United States and other countries. Courses are designed to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential to good leadership. 

The First Graduating Class of East Africa Christian College--February 4, 2017

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